Welcome to Gilbert Vehicle Services!  We are a group of auto industry engineers, designers and enthusiasts who share our knowledge and enthusiasm for autos, trucks & motorcycles to help others enhance their vehicle ownership experience.  We provide the following services for both classic and late model vehicles in the Metro Detroit and Northwest Ohio areas:

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Numbers Decoding & Authentication
  • Vehicle purchase consulting
  • Vehicle Brokerage
  • Restoration project planning & consultation
  • Title Issues
  • Car & Parts locating service

Our motto is “Complete Vehicle Support from Idea to Ownership”.  Our vehicle expertise can help you with many vehicle decisions including: 

  • Helping you find your dream car / truck / motorcycle
  • Determining the authenticity of a vehicle
  • Sorting title issues
  • Locating rare parts to complete your vehicle
  • Project planning for your vehicle restoration
  • Recommendations for local restoration & repair service providers
  • Real-world experience for restoration products & tools
  • Advertising and brokerage services to help you sell your vehicle
  • Vehicle determination assistance to find the vehicle which best suits your needs for personal or commercial use
We specialize in 1945-present cars and light-duty trucks.  Please continue below for information on our most popular services.
Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, we have suspended our services until further notice. 
Please stay home, wash your hands and keep safe during this unique crisis.

If you need a pre-purchase inspection during this time, please contact:

 Pre-Purchase Inspection
Are you looking at a car for sale in the southeast Michigan or northwest Ohio area but it is not practical for you to travel to see it in person?  Let Gilbert Vehicle Services inspect it for you!  We have over 30 years experience in the classic car hobby.  We offer various levels of vehicle inspection based on your needs.    
  • Visual inspection ($250): We inspect the vehicle condition using our proprietary inspection checklist and quantitative measurements when available (paint thickness & panel gaps).  We inspect the vehicle’s general condition, looking for any previous damage, poor workmanship, leaking fluids, etc.  We record the VIN, Trim Tag, body number, and any other ID number with is visible with any disassembly and decode these to the best of our ability to authenticate the vehicle's "as-built" configuration.  Minimum 40 high-resolution pictures are provided.    A final written report summarizes our findings
  • Engine Numbers Authenticity Check ($25):  During the visual inspection, we record the engine number and any other mechanical component ID number which is visible without disassembling any part of the vehicle.  We then decode these numbers to the best of our ability using our library of automotive reference materials
  • Paint Color Authenticity Check ($25):  During the visual inspection, we compare the current paint color of the vehicle with our large inventory of vintage O.E. paint samples (American cars & trucks from 1949-1982)
  • Borescope Inspection ($50):  We use a borescope to inspect accessible structural areas of the vehicle, looking for corrosion or damage 

A travel fee of $0.60/mile from zip code 48068 (Detroit) is added to the prices above. 




Do you want to know your vehicle's current value?  Do you need an appraisal for insurance purposes?  Are you considering selling your vehicle but are not sure what it is worth?  We can help!  We offer the following services: 

  •  Visual Inspection & Appraisal ($125):  We visually inspect your vehicle, audibly inspect mechanicals and visually check underbody.  Based off the vehicle’s condition and appearance we research recent collector vehicle market transactions to determine an appropriate value for your vehicle. 
  • VIN & Trim Tag Decoding ($25):  We decode VIN, trim tag, body number, and any other ID numbers to the best of our ability to authenticate the vehicle's "as built" configuration and its options using our library of automotive reference materials.
  • Engine Numbers Authenticity Check ($25):  We decode engine number and any other mechanical component ID numbers to the best of our ability using our library of automotive reference materials.
  • Paint Color Authenticity Check ($25):  We compare the current paint color of the vehicle with our large inventory of vintage O.E. paint samples (American cars & trucks from 1949-1982).

A travel fee of $0.60/mile from zip code 48073 (Detroit) is added to the prices above.


Please note, Gilbert Vehicle Services is not a licensed classic vehicle appraiser.  Our valuation is based off current price guides, similar vehicles for sale and recent auction results.  If you require a licensed appraiser with classic car certification who can offer diminished value, total loss, legal arbitration support and other specialized valuation services, please contact us.  We will refer you to a licensed, full-time appraiser with classic car certification. 


Vehicle Brokerage
Do you want to sell a vehicle but do not want to deal with selling it yourself?  Or do you want to sell your vehicle yourself but could use help reaching the right buyer?  Let our many years of used vehicle sales experience work for you.  We offer the following services: 
  • Vehicle Advertising & Marketing Support.  We inspect the vehicle, take pictures, authenticate any rare options, advise on any issue remediation to make the vehicle more marketable, estimate the value of the vehicle, write an advertisement, upload pictures them to an online photo album and strategically place ads online for the vehicle to gain the most exposure for the owner.  The owner schedules showings and negotiates the final sale.  Our rates for advertising and marketing support are $150 for vehicles priced $5000 or less and 2.5% of final sale price on vehicles over $5000
  • Full brokerageFull brokerage includes all the items listed under Vehicle Advertising & Marketing Support,  and also includes Gilbert Vehicle Services taking possession of the vehicle and completing the sale on behalf of the owner.  The rate for this service is $300 for vehicles priced under $5000 and 6% of sales price on vehicles over $5000 

Numbers Decoding & Authentication

Do you want the "numbers" decoded on your classic American car to verify its original equipment & options?  We can help!  We have a vast library of automotive reference books for decoding the VIN, Trim Tag, engine numbers and other key features on most 1945-present American cars & trucks.  We will decode these numbers for you & provide our interpretation of them in a short written report for only $50.



Contact us via email or at 248-259-4999 to learn more about our services.